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Abortion bans and mental health + What it’s actually like to be denied an abortion in your state
+ Your "first time"
An empty clinic exam room
"...it was like my heart was ripped out of my body."
When Nancy Davis was denied an abortion in 2022 for a nonviable fetus in her home state of Louisiana, she took her story to the media to help raise awareness about what she sees as a fundamental injustice that disproportionately affects Black women like her.
Read more about Nancy's story via PopSugar.
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Five things to keep in mind before your "first time"

So you’ve decided you’re ready to have sex. It's a big decision. Having sex comes with some responsibility, like pregnancy prevention and protection from STIs. Here’s how to help make sure the sex you have is a positive, pleasurable, and safe experience — for you and for your partner!
  • Consent and honest communication are necessary. Talk with the person you’re going to have sex with. What do you want? Ask them what they want to do — then come to an agreement together.
  • Check your expectations! Messages we often get from the media aren't very realistic. What you read, watch, or listen to may give you an idea of what sex is going to be like. But real-life sex may look and feel different, and that's totally okay. Talking about what you’re expecting can help both of you feel more comfortable during an experience as intimate as this one.
  • Depending on what type of sex you have, you may feel some discomfort or pain the first time. No matter what type of sex you’re having, go slowly at first. Make sure you’re both relaxed, listen to each other, and pay attention to how your body feels. If your partner is doing something that hurts or makes you uncomfortable, tell them.
  • Lube can be your best friend. Lubes are excellent options to help make vaginal or anal sex more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Pregnancy can happen anytime you have vaginal sex, even the first time. Also, STIs can spread through any type of sexual activity that involves skin-to-skin contact or contact with body fluids like sperm, vaginal fluids, or blood. So talk with your partner about the importance of using condoms, how to have safer sex, and if you want to use birth control.
Learn more about what to expect before your first time here.

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