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Black Women in Medicine + Sexpertise + Pleasure Mapping
HHS Secretary Becerra stands behind a Planned Parenthood podium as he gives a speech.
Xavier Becerra is the first HHS Secretary to visit a Planned Parenthood health center. This January, he addressed Planned Parenthood organizers and patient advocates.

“Planned Parenthood volunteers … organize and get ready and make sure they make a difference for all Americans who need health care, including those who need abortion care.”
From the blog…

What we're watching, reading, listening to, and taking action on:
  • TikTok has seen a rise of “sexpertise” from creators using their platforms to distribute sexual and reproductive health care information and advice.
  • Read Jasmin Brown's journey to become a physician and the stories of pioneering Black women doctors.
  • Know how to spot a crisis pregnancy center? This POPSUGAR exposé explains why it matters even more now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.
  • We love this fresh take on foreplay in this pleasure mapping guide.
  • When to see your doctor about period fatigue — from experts outlining potential reasons for fatigue before and/or after your period.

Ask the Experts:
Can trans men take the morning-after pill?

Yes! Emergency contraception won't interfere with testosterone (T). In fact, trans men can use all methods of emergency contraception (EC), including IUDs, ella, and Plan B, whether or not they're using gender-affirming hormone therapy.

The best emergency contraception method for you depends on when you had sex, how fast you can get EC, and your weight:
  • Plan B and other generic levonorgestrel pills are the easiest type to get — you can buy them over-the-counter without a prescription at many pharmacies, drug stores, and superstores. But these types of pills won't work if you weigh more than 165 pounds. And they're less effective after day 3.
  • ella is another type of EC pill. It's more effective than Plan B, and it works for people who weigh over 165 pounds. But ella may work less well if you weigh 195 pounds or more. And you need a prescription to get ella. You can get a prescription for ella from a nurse or doctor — like the ones at your local Planned Parenthood health center. You can also get a fast medical consultation and prescription with next-day delivery online from Nurx.
  • IUDs are the most effective type of emergency contraception no matter what you weigh, but you have to go to a doctor or nurse to have it put in.
Take our quiz to get an idea of what type of emergency contraception is best for you. You can usually get all types of emergency contraception at your local Planned Parenthood health center.

— Miriam at Planned Parenthood

*Note: Planned Parenthood is not responsible for nor does it endorse any legal, medical, or other advice or information provided by any of the entities identified or referenced herein or by any other third parties, whether referenced herein or not.

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