Current Volunteer Opportunities

Last updated 2022-09-23

If you're here because you're angry that the Supreme Court has made it legal for states to rob women and others of reproductive ability of the right to abortion, then check out this statement and video from our CEO Stacy Cross.

Then, see what opportunities you can sign up for below, and make sure you're getting our monthly volunteer newsletter and checking back on this page since new opportunities come up all the time. 

Reno: Mar Monte Mondays – virtual event with our Reno team

When: Monday, Sept. 26 at 6 p.m.,  

Where: Virtual


Mar Monte Mondays is a virtual program hosted by our Reno team. Every other Monday on Zoom, we talk to community advocates about a post-Roe world and the intersectional impacts the recent disastrous Supreme Court decision may have in Nevada.

During Mar Monte Mondays, our "Digital Discussions" showcase how community advocates in the area can engage in civic activities with the help of local resources, partner coalitions, and innovative digital toolkits crafted by our Reno team.


Alameda County: Civic Celebrations – How to Flex Our Power in Community 

When: Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Where: Virtual 

Join us for our upcoming training to learn about how you can focus on joy and community while inspiring others to vote this November! 

This training is designed to prepare supporters to host ballot discussions of their own in whatever format that makes most sense to them—whether it’s an outdoor BBQ, cocktail party, Zoom session, or schmooze at your local pub. Note: this is an Alameda County-specific event. 

Other than statewide races and propositions, we will only be covering open positions and measures that have jurisdiction in Alameda County.


Pledge to Vote in November!

Sign our pledge and commit to voting in this election.

Elections are vital to effecting societal change, including protecting rights of trans people, combatting hate crime, and increasing workplace protections for the LGBTQ+ community as well as championing racial justice, education equity, and health care- access. Your vote is one of the most powerful ways you can influence issues that matter to you and your community.

The right to vote is a pillar of our democracy and essential to having freedom to make our own health care decisions.


Share Our Career Opportunities with Your Networks

Help us recruit more terrific professionals to join our awesome staff by sharing the links to our career opportunities:

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Take Action Volunteer Toolkit

Use our Take Action Volunteer Toolkit to volunteer on your own time. We've created multiple opportunities, from hosting a screening to doing relational organizing using the Impactive app to advocating on social media and more, that allow you to make a difference and get involved.

On the Take Action Volunteer Toolkit page, click on the yellow "Take Action" button below each opportunity to learn more.

After you take action, report your impact to let us know what actions you completed.

Share Your Story

Complete the Share Your Story form here.

Your story can make a difference. Whether it's affordable birth control or the right to safe and legal abortion, tell us why these services matter to you.

We like to uplift a broad range of stories and perspectives to help show lawmakers, the media, and supporters just what we're fighting and advocating for.

Hug a Health Center

Check out the details here

Our health center staff work incredibly hard to provide sexual and reproductive health care and family medicine to hundreds of thousands of people every year. 

Show them some love by virtually hugging a health center!

Join the PPMM Faith Network for Reproductive Justice

Are you a faith leader or do you know a faith leader who wants to advocate for reproductive justice? Then join our Faith Network for Reproductive Justice!


If you or your faith/spiritual community is interested in becoming part of PPMM’s network please email


Attend a Training

When: Ongoing

Where: Virtual



Join an upcoming virtual training to learn more about PPMM, gain skills to advocate, and more. We have trainings on how to volunteer and use the Take Action Volunteer Toolkit, how to work for PPMM, PPMM 101, and Storytelling 101.



Join a PPGenAction club on your campus! Several of the Planned Parenthood-affiliated clubs, called "Generation Action" or PPGenAction clubs, are recruiting new members and leaders. Use the links below to be connected with the leaders for the clubs at any of the below schools. 




Read I’m the Head of Planned Parenthood. We’re Done Making Excuses for Our Founder. via the NY Times, an op-ed from Alexis McGill Johnson, the president and chief executive of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. We must reckon with Margaret Sanger’s association with white supremacist groups and eugenics, and we hope our volunteers and supporters join us in this work.


Alexis McGill Johnson called for us to lend more support to intersecting issues, especially to organizations led by and focusing on issues that impact Black women and other women of color as well as trans and nonbinary people. Here are some resources to get started:

  • Learn more about reproductive justice from the largest national multi-ethnic reproductive justice organization, SisterSong.
  • Support the Transgender Law Center, the largest national trans-led organization advocating self-determination for all people, and Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, which works at local and national levels to achieve the collective liberation of trans, queer, and gender nonconforming Latinxs.






  • Support the Movement for Black Lives by getting involved in their actions and events, and checking out their resources guides and policy info.
  • Support Black Voters Matter and increase power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities: Support the voter registration efforts of Black Voters Matter and their Capacity Building Institute to help provide training and support for community based organizations.