Can you get Bingo by the end of 2024? 

Introducing PPHP's Activist Bingo! See how many squares you can fill by the end of 2024. If you get Bingo (a straight line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), email your completed board to to win PPHP prizes! 

Helpful hints: 

  • Our Activist Calendar is the best place to find out about our upcoming events such as:
    • lobbying days (1),
    • teach-ins (5, 6),
    • text/phone banks (7),
    • storytelling trainings (8),
    • community canvasses (15)
    • action hours (18),
    • and more. 
  • Outside of our event calendar, the PPHP advocacy team can help to facilitate hosting an advocacy house party (3), talking about volunteer and tabling opportunities (12 &20), and attending a lobbying meeting (24). Email to get in touch. 
  • Other helpful links: 
    • Submit a story to our Medium page (2) here
    • For social media-related squares (4 & 17), head to our Instagram, Facebook, and/or X (fomerly Twitter). 
    • Contact your elected official about the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Grant Program (RFEGP) (9) here
    • Contact your elected official about sex education (11) here
    • Check your voter registration status (13) here
    • Sign up for PPHP's email list (16) here
    • Sign the PPHP sex education petition (19) here 
    • Sign up for a Community Outreach Volunteer Information session (22) here or a Health Center Advocacy Program info session (22) here 
    • Sign the I'm for Planned Parenthood petition (23) here